Treating OSA with CPAP
Continuous Positive Airway pressure (CPAP) is the most common and effective treatment of OSA. You need two things for successful therapy:

CPAP Unit The first is a CPAP unit. This supplies a gentle air pressure that splints the upper airway and allows you to breathe (uninterrupted) during sleep. The pressure supplied is continuous and is adjusted to suit individual needs. The addition of a heated humidifier to your CPAP unit will relieve unnecessary drying and irritation of your nasal airways.

Mask The second thing you need for successful therapy is an interface (mask). CPAP treatment is administered through a mask that seals either the nose, mouth or both as is pictured here.

When does treatment take effect?
The user will usually experience almost immediate relief of symptoms with CPAP therapy. To continue receiving these benefits the CPAP must be used during every sleep. Sleeping without your CPAP will cause OSA symptoms to return. Symptoms might include loud snoring, breathing pauses and excessive daytime sleepiness. Continued therapy will assist you to wake each morning refreshed and ready to get the most out of life.